Lionel Dealer Exclusive 2023 Vision Line UP Custom Heritage DRGW Big Boy 4025 "What If"

Lionel Item LNL20331640

This licensed Lionel exclusive captures the "REAL" UP DRGW Heritage paint scheme applied to the Union Pacific DRGW SD70ace 1989.

You can see this diesel in the Lionel 2022 V.2 catalog.

The Virtual Product Image is below that.

In stock November 1, 2023



"I'm just tired of black Big Boys and black steam engines in general, " said Jason Huffman, NC. "This is fantastic and over-the-top!"

"I already own a Big Boy," said Terry Jones, in WI. "I wasn't going to purchase another, but this one is special."

"I already gave you my order for the new Vision Line 4014," phoned Wes Klatt, TX."Will you transfer my reservation to your custom Heritage version?"

"I don't want my Big Boy to look like a Challenger! I already have a Challenger!  I am glad it doesn't have the flag," John Hoover, Endicott, NY

"It does look spectacular, thanks," Josh Emery

"Your 'as imagined' version took an artistic approach to offer a variation on a theme resulting in the most visually attractive Big Boy ever," Charles Vonderheid Annapolis MD

"It's classic. Not overblown. Plausible." Brian Jacoway Rocklin CA

"You did an excellent job! I was going to buy the Greyhound Big Boy, but it didn't justify the price," Kevin Johnson

"I was ready to retire. This is going to be my retirement gifty to myself," Dwayne McCardy Lakewood, OH

"I don't give a sh..t if it's not black. It's MY Railroad. I buy models which were never previously made," Robert Nuccio. Toluca Lake, CA

"I am so happy that you did the special run of the DRGW Big Boy #4025 from Lionel. Enclosed you will find the final payment," Dwayne A McCarty


"Hi Jeff, i saw the quick-look video. and it really looks fabulous. I will call you to discuss payment logistics," David Mastrobatista, NJ

"Hi Jeff, check will include additional funds to be applied to my other pre-orders."

"Hi Jeff, thank you for sending photos. This is a fabuolous piece. May I purchase two of them?" Geno Bacigalupo, CA

"Just saw Gizmo Trains post on Instagram. looks amazing, Jeff," Jason Huffman, NC

"Driving 540 miles to pick mine up tomorrow!" Mark Estvanko, Cleveland OH

"OMG, how lucky we are. You created a work of art. It's Christmas in November," Michael Sudlow, Long Island NY

"Home run, Jeff!" Von Wells

"Put me down for your custom, exclusive Triplex. Whatever it is, I want it! Bryan Van Dyke

"Nice work, Jeff. It looks awesome!" 9743

"Can't wait to get mine!" 6054

"I haven't written a check in years. Always use a credit card. But if that's what you want I'll get my bank to write you a check tomorrow! Mike Gomez

" I ordered the ski train cars, but I will park them and run your matching UP Heritage DRG 18" 4-Car Set. Your cars have the opening doors, people in the seats,

and are $400 less money!" Gerald Hopkin, St. James, Barbados

"I do thank you greatly for putting this run together!" Chris Duncan, Effingham, SC

Reserve Lionel Item 2331640 Train Loft Exclusive DRGW Heritage Big Boy at $2,999.95

In stock Now. I can send real photos upon request. Go to Gizmo trains to see a video.

Add Matching Lionel 2431760 Heritage Aux Tender at $369.95(IncludesShipping)

Add the Scale Premier  UP Tank car 3-Pack. Features three different commodity inscriptions, car numbers, and placards. Looks good behind the Big Boy black, grey, or custom! $259.95 in stock!



NOTE: The colors of the cars may look darker than the Big Boy, but that is because the image comes from MTH, not Lionel.

I can assue you the same UP Heritage color chart is used by BOTH of our beloved manufacturers!

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Lionel Dealer Train Loft Exclusive 2023 Vision Line Union Pacific Custom Heritage

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Quantity Item LNL2331640______@ $2,999.95 Plus $50.00 S&H and Insurance

Item 2431760 Scale Aux Fuel Tender________@$369.95 Includes the shipping

Item 3001493S Matching DRGW Heritage 4-Car Set________@559.95 Plus $29.95 S&H

Item 20-91814 Scale UP Woodside Caboose #3308 or #3364________@$84.95 Plus S&H

Item 3001278S Scale UP Tank Car 3-Pack____________@259.95 Plus S&H (Can Combine)

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     are extremely limited. You are guaranteed the aux tender and car set when you order the locomotive.

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